Kerala State Dental Council

Members Details

Present Council Members :
Dr. Santhosh Thomas President
Dr. Arun R Vice President
Dr. Sumod P Mathew Member
Dr. Shibu Rajagopal Member
Dr. Terry Thoma Member
Dr. Antony Thomas Member
Dr. Sabu J Kurian Member
Dr. Sharmad Member
Dr. Preetha P P
The Director of Health Services (in charge), Thiruvananthapuram
Ex-Officio Member
Dr. Beena V T
The Principal, GDC, Thiruvananthapuram
Ex-Officio Member
Dr. Gilsa K Vasunni
The Principal, GDC, Alappuzha
Ex-Officio Member
Dr. Mohan S
The Principal (in charge), GDC, Kottayam
Ex-Officio Member
Dr. Sudha S
The Principal (in charge), GDC, Thrissur
Ex-Officio Member
Dr. Saumithran C S
The Principal, GDC, Kozhikode
Ex-Officio Member
Shri. Bhadran S Registrar
Dr. Shaji K Joseph Past President